Back to school essentials

Back to school essentials

Essential back to school and pep-rally products


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Its back to school season which means kids will be going back and university students will be in class. Prepare for your 2021-2022 year and launch the new semester pep rally with with Drive Sportswear. 

 1. Back to class grab bag

So you may be wondering what are creative ways to promote school spirt when school comes back this September. There are many directions to take, but the most popular would be a grab bag for the students. The grab bag can be a logo draw string bag of your school mascot or name that the students can use for the 2021-2022 year. Gear can be included within the grab back to promote excitement for the upcoming year. The grab bags can be handed out during the pep rally, or gifted to students on the first day. 

2. Signage

Since classrooms have mainly been closed for the past year, why not launch the 2022 year with new signage. Drive school spirit with new graphics and posters that promote what’s most important to you. After having such a difficult past year promoting school spirt is principal to boost student moral. New signage may be the route to take if this is what your goal is. Personalize your signage with Drive Sportswear. 

3. Lanyards and keychains

Within this years grab bag provide the students with a complementary lanyard or keychain. Students can easily attach their home keys or car keys to the product and lessen their chances of misplacing them. Protect your students possessions by use of a complementary school logo lanyard/keychain.

4. Monthly school planner or calendar

To keep track of their studies and due dates all students should have a calendar. This would be a perfect addition to launch the new year. Give each student a planner/calendar to for their 2021-2022 year. Promote that you are invested in their future at your place of study. 

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