Top promotional products to target each generation

Top promotional items to target each generation

How do you reach Gen X, Gen Z and Gen Y through promotional products?


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Promotional products are universal. They can be used to reach various generations through strategic purposeful marketing. For instance, Gen Z would be interested in trending items whilst Gen X would be more interested in functional/purposeful items.  Its all about understanding your audience and their wants and needs.

To target various age groups, its important to first understand the wants and needs of the target audience. This can be determined through researching various resources as well as sending out polls and reviewing the results. Once the target audience is determined, the products used to reach this audience can be determined as well.  The products chosen should be tailored to your specific audience and what they want and need. Perhaps you are targeting Gen Z, you should select an item that resolves specific needs of this generation. Lately graphic t-shirts and oversized sweaters have been trending. Consider current trends when targeting Gen Z. Otherwise, other age groups will require other research initiatives  

To target other generations, such as Gen Y consider a different approach. As I said previously digital polls can be an easy way to instantly grab information from various audiences. This would be the recommended way to approach Gen Y and Gen Z generations. Top promotional products will be different for each target age group and this is important to consider when browsing various products. 

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