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Sustainability, shop sustainable with drive sportswear. 

sustainability (our part)

Sustainability Commitment

As of recent years, the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the benefit of our environment has been brought to our attention. As a business, we are devoted to remaining well-informed about current and potential environmental concerns because we are committed to being a part of the journey to a greener tomorrow. Drive Sportswear understands the importance of integrating sustainable business values and green measures now to counteract the current environmental issues affecting the atmosphere, oceans and land globally. We understand that as a business, we must accept responsibility and do our part to contribute to a sustainable future. 

In order to guarantee our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, Drive Sportswear remains conscious of its ecological footprint and takes active measures daily to keep it at a minimum. We often donate all excess clothing and apparel to shelters for people in need, and ship client orders out following strict sustainability processes and procedures. Furthermore, we are constantly researching sustainable products to add to our product library to encourage clients as an alternative to other products. The overarching goal of our business when it comes to sustainability is to offer and promote products that are not only eco-friendly but also ethically sourced. We strive to be leaders in the sustainable product industry and inspire others to adopt a more active presence in the conversation and journey to a greener tomorrow. 

Drive Sportswear and its supplier partners are continually looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact. Offering items manufactured using recycled materials in almost any product category has become a focus in product development. Wasteful packaging is being reduced and in many cases eliminated completely. Delivering your products with the smallest environmental impact is an industry priority!

Giving Back

Calgary Food Bank

Over the span of three days, The Cool Choir and Drive Sportswear filled 43 boxes of non-perishables and children’s gifts to donate to the Calgary Food Bank and Children’s Corner. The Children’s Corner is a charity that is dedicated to providing less fortunate children with everything they need to create special birthday memories. Family is very important to the team at Drive Sportswear, and as a family-run business that values time together this cause really hit home for all of us. Every child deserves to celebrate their birthday and the financial situation of their family or caregivers should not limit a childs’ ability to enjoy their special day. 

Synergy Silent Auction

From March. 31 to April. 11, 2022, Synergy hosted a silent auction fundraiser for its community and youth development programs. The fundraiser consisted of the Worlds Longest Hockey Game which lasted a total of 12 consecutive days and it’s efforts raised over $20,000 for the Synergy community. Drive Sportswear – along with many other companies – was a sponsor and contributor to Synergy’s hockey game. Synergy Youth and Community Development Society  strive to empower Chestermere youth to engage in there community by building relationships, providing leadership and having fun collectively. The money raised from this fundraiser is going directly towards the development of youth programs and funding for the Synergy community. 

Calgary Stampede Lottery

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Roar For Johbis

As you may know Drive Sportswear is a family run business, and family for us means the world. It is something we cherish deeply which is why we believe its necessary to spread awareness on this movement. A friend of ours found this teddy bear and told us about the little boy who started it all. Johbis was 4 years old when he lost his life due to a terrible condition called AVM. Our hearts broke after reading about his story; as parents, and as grandparents this story hurts us deeply. Toys have been found worldwide for remembrance of this little boys’ fight, and this one was found in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We encourage you all to keep Johbis’ memory alive by following the hashtag (#roarforjohbis) on Instagram and by joining the dedicated Facebook group “Prayer warriors unite for Johbis Kieta.” Let’s never stop sharing Johbis’ story.

Winter Promotion Winners

Annually, Drive Sportswear hosts a Winter Promotion Campaign where we front a discounted service prize for any client that wants to participate to win. If a customer placed an order during the months of January or February they were automatically entered to win $250 off of there current or future order.