Onboard new hires with these promotional products

Onboard new hires with these promotional products

Onboard new hires by making them feel part of the team

onboard new hires with promotional products

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Onboarding a new hire should be a personalized experience. Providing your new hires with employee welcome kits make your new hires feel part of the team. Additionally, welcome kits encourage your new hires to learn more about the company and set a strong first impression. 

Drive Sportswear has compiled a list of what we think are the top products to to incorporate in a companies welcome package. From the list below, decide on your next steps for onboarding new hires with promotional products. 

1. Company branded apparel

Onboard your new hire with company branded apparel. Whether that be a custom t-shirt or hoodie; there is a wide variety of apparel options to choose from on our shop. Place your company logo on a piece of apparel and give it to your new employee to wear.

2. New hire office supplies

Onboard your new hire by providing them with custom office supplies. aside from including your company logo, include their name to make them feel welcomed in this new environment. 

3. Custom office bag or backpack

Supply your new hires with branded equipment to carry their gear in. Drive sportswear sells a variety of backpacks and over the shoulder bags that would be a great onboarding item. These custom bags mean that your employee has a company branded place to store their supplies while moving through the office. 

4. Personalized gifts to onboard new hires

Prove to your new employee that you are happy that they are joining the team by providing them with specialized gifts. Through the Drive Sportswear shop you can find luxurious food bundles, workout sets, or other specialty product bundles. 

There’s many directions to take when it comes to promotional products to onboard new hires. The biggest tip would be to find what represents your company and integrate that into your welcome package

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Golf equipment that has been the most popular

Golf equipment that has been the most popular

The most popular golf equipment in 2021.

golf ball

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Golf is a love of ours at Drive Sportswear and we have a history of sponsoring golfing events. Given this history we have a pretty good understanding of popular products within this sport. Want to know which products customers are always buying? or our top sellers? stay tuned and keep reading.

Golf shirts

Drive Sportswear sells premium golf shirts in a inclusive size range for men and women. These shirts can be customized and all it takes is a consultation appointment with our team. A variety of styles with and without collars can be found at the Drive Sportswear shop.

Golf gifts

Since Drive commonly sponsors golfing events, there is a wide variety of themed gifts available for ordering on the online shop. Some of these gifts include towels, cooler bags and custom divot tools. Create a custom gift basket for your next golfing event through Drive Sportswear.

Golf Balls

We here at Drive sportswear also create custom gear. This includes custom golf balls, tees and more. What ever type of custom gear you require for your next golfing event Drive Sportswear will happily provide you with it.

Do you enjoy golf as much as we do? Lets talk business while playing together! Drive Sportswear is willing to accommodate any of our clients requests, and we are ready for a game or two. Our adoration for this sport is visible through all the extra curricular sponsorships Drive Sportswear does. If you want Drive Sportswear to sponsor your next golfing event, give us a call today!

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Sports items for sports teams and associations

Sport items for sport teams and associations.

Promotional sports items for teams and associations

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Are you the equipment manager for a sports team? Or order all the gear for the teams at an association? If you said yes to either one of those questions, Drive Sportswear is the promotional sportswear company for you. 

Drive Sportswear specializes in creating promotional products for a wide variety of purposes and functions. One being for sports teams and associations. For sportswear in particular, our product range is extremely extensive. Ranging from all types of jerseys to custom water bottles and unique merchandise. Since our company specializes in sportswear we have created a list of our most popular purchases from a variety of teams and associations. 

Sports products:

These are just a few of Drive Sportswear’s swag options for sports teams and associations. More options can be viewed on our online shop. We love working with teams and associations and can guarantee exceptional customer service throughout the process of building a proposal

If your team requires custom logos on equipment, merchandise, or apparel contact Drive Sportswear today to schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements and budget. Drive Sportswear has a lot of options for promotional sports apparel and merchandise online and in our store front. Stock up your team or with custom jerseys, water-bottles and more!


For more interesting reads feel free to check out  more of our blogs on the Drive Sportswear Community Page. Additionally, for more information about Drive Sportswear’s promotional services and process feel free to contact us at (403)-517-0020.  



Beat the Heat. Carry a reusable water bottle

Beat the heat. Carry a reusable water bottle.

In this heat carry a water bottle everywhere you go.

A collection of Drive Sportswears waterbottles

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Grab your resusable water bottle before you leave the house to make sure that you can stay hydrated everyday all day. It is crucial to drink plenty of water because summer heat in Canada and the United States has been reaching an all-time high. Drive Sportswear has taken notice to the rise in tempuratures this summer. We decided to gather information about how to stay hydrated all summer long because of this trend.

How to Beat the Heat:

  1. Lets begin with the obvious… Rememer to always carry a water bottle everwhere you go. Drive Sportswear offers a wide variety of resuable water bottles (as shown in the above image) that can encourage this behaviour. A reusable water bottle in the summer should be insulated to make sure your H2O stays cold longer.
  2. If you find yourself constantly forgetting to drink water everyday perhaps start setting reminders in your phone or calendar. Setting hydration goals – mentally or electronically – is a way to increase water intake daily. Then, once you reach that goal, add to it and increase your intake. 
  3. If water is a difficult beverage for you to continually drink, maybe try including fruit to add some flavour. Start by pouring a handful of fresh frozen berries into your resuable water bottle, or a few slices of lemon or oranges. Get creative, mix in whatever satisfys yout tastebuds!
  4. Consuming water-rich foods is yet another way to absorb water if drinking it is a struggle. Summer fruits such as watermelon, strawberries, canteloupe and pineapple all have a high water content and are a great alternative to water. In addition, vegetibles such as cucumbers, celery and tomatoes all have high-water content. 

Know the signs of dehydration:

Be aware of the signs of dehyration in adults and in children. The symptoms listed below should help keep track of what to look out for.

  • Muscle cramps and muscle fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth and dry skin
  • Iritability 
  • Feeling Dizzy or lightheaded
  • Headaches 

These are just a few of the most common symptoms of dehydration.

Keep in mind that in hot and humid weather the human body sweats more. This means that physically you are losing a lot of water through your skin. Therefore, the more you sweat, the more water you should be consuming on a daily basis. 

Drive Sportswear has a lot of options for resuable waterbottles. Stock up your team or staff with custom resauble waterbottles to beat the heat this summer! Check out more of our blogs on the Drive Sportswear Community Page. 



Music festival merchandise top picks

Music festival merchandise top picks

Our top picks for music festival merchandise


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Merchandise is about representing your brand through your followers and not just about the sales of the products itself. Merch is a business strategy in which the customer who is purchasing a product has the intent to make use of it within the public eye. This results in brand exposure and support from your followers.

Below we have constructed a list of our top must-have music festival merchandise that are trending throughout summer 2021:

1. T-Shirt

Let’s begin with the basics. T-shirts are an essential addition to everyone’s wardrobe, and are the most common promotional product on the market. This is a staple item to promote trendy music, slogans, lyrics or graphics on clothing. By the way, merch t-shirts last a lifetime because people like to keep them for their sentimental value.


2. Headgear

Headgear is worn year round; Whether it be ball caps in the summer, or beanie’s in the winter. For this reason, it is an effective addition to any companies merchandise. Music festivals can either get extremely hot or cold depending on the season. This makes these product an important item for year round promotion.

3. Totes

Canvas tote bags have been trending since 2020 and have only been getting more popular since. This item should definitely make the cut when deciding on what merch items to include for a festival. In addition, tote bags can be used for multiple things including carrying belongings, groceries or other merchandise!

4. Party-pack

Why not kickstart your festival by offering party-pack merchandise? Party-packs include all the essentials from custom sunglasses to cups to encourage fun in the sun. Let your guests make the most of their festival experience by providing them with a kit full of entertainment.


5. Mobile accessories

Everyone enjoys adding new gadgets to their phones, and festivals are the perfect place to offer these accessories. Phones sometimes get lost, especially when individuals are preoccupied having fun. This is why mobile accessories are essential for festival environments. Whether it be a phone holder, pull toppers or microfiber pouches there is a lot to choose from at Drive Sportswear. 

6. Power bank

Imagine recording your favourite artist preform and then all of a sudden your phone dies. Lets avoid this tragedy completely by offering custom power banks at your next festival event. Let guests enjoy their time stress free by not having to worry about what percentage their phone is at.
Drive Sportswear hopes this encourages clients to get creative with the ways they decide to promote their business during festival events. The options are limitless, check out our store and see for yourself! At Drive Sportswear we are proud to make your business our business. Request a proposal today and lets talk about it. 

Boost your brand and Drive your business


How to boost your brand while driving your business


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Not only are pop-up tents an effective way to shelter from the summer heat and rain, but they are also an excellent product to promote your business. Drive sportswear has everything you require to boost your brand from custom signage and banners to promotional pop-up tents and merchandise.  

Pop-up tents

Tents are a key element for effective branding when it comes to outdoor events. The tent is the first thing your customer sees when they are walking at a street vendor festival, farmers market, or flea market. With COVID-19 restrictions lifting in the upcoming weeks there will be an increase in events during the summer months. This is a great opportunity for small businesses that want to gain exposure and boost there brand. A pop-up tent not only will protect individuals from rain and shine, but also strategically promote your business by displaying your companies branding.

Custom signage

 Having thought-out brand-based signage is critical for organizing a successful outdoors sales event or media stunt. Every company prioritizes gaining exposure and signage is a physical tool that promotes obtaining this type of attention. Displaying custom promotional signage at outdoor events will result in boosting your brand and driving your business. The design of your signage is available in multiple formats including banners, sail signs, barricade cover signs and plastic signs. 

Promotional merchandise 

 Promotional merchandise is essentially a freebie product that is handed out to your customers to make sure they remember your name. This type of merchandise is also free branding because these customers are now using a product with your companies name on it. Freebie product marketing can be executed through many different products. Including Carabiner clips, key lights, stress balls, cooling towels and more  which can all be found on Drive Sportswear’s shop website. 

We hope that this prepares you and your business for your summer festivities outdoors. Whether you are located indoors or outdoors, the promotional products listed above will encourage the success and exposure of your brand. Drive your business with Drive Sportswear’s promotional product branding this summer.